6 Tips to Spiritual Warfare Victory



“I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help.” Psalm 121:1 (KJV)

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I loved my great-granny. She lived until the ripe old age of 97 and was a wonderful woman of God who put others before herself. We called her ‘granny’ because that’s what everyone else called her. Granny had lots of sayings but the one I found most interesting was: “The devil is alive and he is a liar!”

Alive or dead?

The devil is indeed alive, very much so. I think we just try to pretend he’s dead or prefer to believe his lies. How do we know he’s alive? Remember that time you made a conscious decision to go to church more often, read your bible every day, volunteer to help out instead of hanging back … the exact same time when your life started to fall apart, when things seemed to just happen for no apparent reason? When your car broke down, or your child became sick or you had this unexpected big project that demanded more of your time to meet the deadline – all things to distract you from the objective? What about when you believed you would never be able to make ends meet or get that promotion or hit that high note in the church choir? The devil is alive people and yes, he’s a liar.

6 Tips to Victory

You are wrong if you don’t believe that you can fight back and actually win a battle against the devil. Here are 6 tips that give you victory over any spiritual battle:-

• Acknowledge you are in spiritual battle

• Immerse yourself in God’s word

• Share what’s going on in your life with someone you can trust, and who can pray with and for you

• Keep the focus; do not allow yourself to be distracted

• Remember David and Goliath, and know that God is with you

• Bonus tip: Find a favourite psalm or verse, print it out and keep it with you to read during those times when you need encouraging most

The Fight Club

I am reading and enjoying a book by Norma Jarrett entitled “Brunchspiration: A Quotable Devotional (The Brunch Series) –Everything Inspirational at the Girlfriend Table!” The following excerpt taken from the chapter “Fight Club” was just too good not to share. Why? Because sometimes it looks as though God has left us to fight our battles on our own. But he hasn’t! That’s just an illusion created by the devil to distract us. God is right there up front and centre, in the middle of everything fighting for us and with us. And to the males who may be reading this: yes, the book is written especially for us girls but I am sure you can find something to take away from today’s note as well.

Book Excerpt

“God will fight our battles. Even if we get ourselves tangled up in something He can still rescue us. We need to recognize and repent. Sometimes we find ourselves in a battle for other reasons. The enemy recognizes what’s down the line. Each time we climb to a higher level of our purpose we can almost expect a battle. I remember a sermon in which T.D. Jakes spoke about the battle that comes with your purpose. He is a mighty man of God and probably has had many great spiritual battles. In summary, he said eventually you will have to fight. The enemy is not just going to turn something over to you, especially if it is a big breakthrough, a job, a mate, a door to your purpose. He’s going to fight. Because he knows that once you recognize God’s power and what He is able to do for and through you, it’s on! You need to suit up, gather your weapons of war (the word of God) and get ready. God is on your side. He calls the plays. He’s like an army that possesses the most sophisticated weapons. But ladies, we will have to fight with spiritual weapons. We will have to keep doing what we know to do. We cannot shrink back because God will have you fight at this level. He knows that we aren’t wimps or sissies. Yes, we are still ladies, and are feminine, but as I said there is a way to fight in the Word. If you can fight at this level, then you know you can handle the battles that will come at your higher level of success. You need this experience. It may not be easy, but don’t just sit there and let the enemy steal your dreams. Let him know he’s not messing with a novice, as long as you have God, and know how to access His power; you have an experienced champion on your hands.”

You can find Norma’s book here

Yes or No?

Can you relate to this post? Yes? Then leave a comment here if you believe you can win your spiritual battles. I believe you can 🙂


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Barbadian mother and lover of laughter; story teller and best-selling author; happy to follow God's lead and to live my mantra: "you've gotta be a rainbow in the lives of others when it rains."

7 thoughts on “6 Tips to Spiritual Warfare Victory”

    1. Dear Daphne, you are very very welcome! Never forget that our God is bigger than the enemy. A pebble in your shoe can hurt more and for a longer period of time than another injury. Sending love and hugs from my heart to yours because we’re in this together 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and hoping to see you again soon.


  1. Wow~~~Loves this article and it is right on time. Presently going through a battle with some people who are trying to dig up OLD dirt on me about something that happened almost 40 years ago; I know this battle is being led by satan. I have been fighting back by quoting scriptures, such as, “No weapon formed against me shall prosper, I will never leave thee nor forsake thee, etc.. Also, been fighting back by praying and asking others to pray for me. Your message was so uplifting and really touched my heart because it is so right on time for me; I needed to hear this! I listen to TD Jakes on You Tube all the time; what a wonderful speaker he is! Thank you so much for this wonderful message; great advice! I press on toward victory; I sure would appreciate a prayer. God Bless and again, thank you for such a great message……..Rae


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