The Super Evil Dessert Devil is Alive and Real … and he wants me!

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It’s Day 5 of 30 of #NaBloPoMo. 25 more days to go and so far so good. 

Today though, I am going to be lodging a serious formal complaint.  It’s a lost cause really but I’m going to put it out there anyway. 

Before we get to the meat of the matter, I have a confession to make: I love desserts!   

Unfortunately, my hips, thighs and abs love these sugary yummy delicacies even more than I do … but that’s another topic for another post. 


Defined by the New Pocket Oxford Dictionary as: “the sweet course eaten at the end of a meal” I can admit to eating sweet ‘courses’ and snacks before many a meal.   

But my complaint is this:  I am tired of desserts bullying me into eating them, especially when they know I am on a diet.  Isn’t bullying illegal?  Well when a dessert bullies a human being, they should be charged immediately by the Calorie-Counting Police.   

I am sick of the way desserts tease and taunt me, first whispering my name quietly, then getting louder and louder as I try to ignore their impassioned pleas for companionship.  The worst offenders of all are cheesecake and maple almond ice-cream.  These two join up to become a formidable and vicious tag team, blatantly using brute force to get me to do what they want against my will (a weak will, but still a will as far as I’m concerned).  I try to stand firm but it doesn’t work.  They torture me mercilessly until I break, reluctantly giving into that first slice and first scoop.   

The Super Evil Dessert Devil aka DD

Interestingly enough, for Lent this year I gave up eating desserts and sweet stuff.  I meant well.  I really did.  But as soon as the sun had set on Ash Wednesday the Dessert Devil attacked me in full force, tempting me and sweet-talking me into taking just a teeny weeny bite of coconut bread (why do people deliberately bring things into your home when they are fully aware you are deliberately trying to avoid them?).   

“Come, eat!” DD coaxed me, “you have nothing to fear, because the Calorie-Counting Angels will save you from certain self-destruction.  Throw yourself down at my mercy and worship me!” 

Not!  Because resistance for me is usually very futile and no-one saves me.  As long as I can see it, it’s a done deal.  So what am I to do?  Christmas is a few weeks away and here in Barbados that means there will be sweets and more sweets.  Everywhere you go there will be rum cake to be eaten with pineapple ham, washed down with large glasses of sorrel or maybe mauby.  You cannot visit a home without being offered an alcoholic drink … how can you possibly say no to liquid dessert? 

Bajan Rum Cake | Photo credit:
Glazed Ham with Pineapple | Photo credit:
Sorrel drink | Photo credit:

And so my complaint stands.  The Dessert Devil aka DD is preventing me from staying the course in November so that I will have ‘room in the inn’ in December.  He needs to be charged and incarcerated!  Who’s going to help me find a judge and jury, as well as provide me with some much needed support so I can remain strong?

My comments box is ready and waiting … but in the meantime, take a look at some of the desserts I’ve enjoyed this year as I’ve travelled the world 😉

#Barbados #Desserts #RebeccasTreats |My friend makes these yummy treats right here in Barbados
Dessert_2012-10-30 20.18.11
Dessert_2011-10-10 12.44.40
St. Vincent
#Dessert #Barbados #cupcakes
Nathan’s birthday cupcakes | Oct 2013

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12 thoughts on “The Super Evil Dessert Devil is Alive and Real … and he wants me!”

  1. Here in the US the DD makes it even harder by throwing Thanksgiving in at the end of the month – a holiday dedicated to eating!! And traditionally the end to the meal is pie – pumpkin, pecan, apple, chocolate silk… Plus the cupboards are currently still full of leftover Halloween candy that call out to me at every hour of the day.

    This is going to be a long two months.


    1. OK Audrey, thanks for putting it in perspective for me! And interesting to realise that DD is international … so, not good for us at all but let’s keep supporting each other. Thanks for sharing.


  2. So what do you expect Gale when you put all of these on this Blog now what do you think we are going to do? Yes, go out and eat desserts too 😦


  3. Clearly you need a superhero to come to your assistance. i would suggest the amazingly tough “Kettle Bell Man” or perhaps the enduring “5K Woman” …
    On the bright side, if all else fails, you get to buy new clothes! ;o)


  4. The trick with DD is to let him have his way now and again and he gives you a lil ease. If you try to avoid him completely he will hound you all the more. So my advice is let him have his way sometimes. Whether once a week…every other week…you decide. But don’t try to shut him out completely…this offends him and he can get nasty!


    1. Good for you Kathleen! I hope you get to attend all of the classes, especially as it gets closer to Christmas with all of the associated party, dinner, lunch and other social invites. Don’t forget to let me know how it goes – I’ll be looking to hear back from you in 5 weeks time 🙂


  5. It’s like an addiction, I become diabetic and have to learn how to live, without, these delicious, desserts, and in this the desease have worked like the angel that opposes al DD. Besides they started to make me feel bad, so i lost 25 Kg (about 50 Pounds !) in five years and have a chief commander by my side (My wife) another dessert angel that keep my addiction on line. Like the alcoholics I began to count the days desserts free and changed by studied quantities of complex carbos, I leve well know, make exercise, and with fell well and in good shape. So de disease have made me get a better physic condition, but sometimes like an ex smoker or an alcoholic in abstinence, I would let take por de DD and ate all those magnificents photos you made. At least by eating the paper, won’t affect my sugar levels.
    Nice post I really enjoy it !


    1. Congrats Julian on being able to resist temptation! Having your wife support you I am sure helps a lot. I didn’t have such a good week. It was made up of apples, protein shakes and M&Ms BUT I was able to make it to the gym for 4 days. I am hoping I will be stronger next week. Glad you enjoyed the post as much as I enjoyed sharing 😉


      1. yes but don’t trust a lot en the gym one hour of training burns fins 500 cal, that are in a chocolate bar ! cetament th metabolism grows but happened to me that when i execercised I get rid of the guilt and eat more calories than the ones i spent, tight hold the DD even if you get a in entrenament. Thanks you for bring these interesting tópic arise.. ;o) !


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