When is a motorbike more than a motorbike?


In Haiti, there are taxis and then there are taxis.  Apart from the regular Tap Taps (photos below) which have 4 wheels and a covered roof, you can also use a motorbike as a taxi to get from point A to Point B.   

Tap Taps 3 Tap Taps 2 Tap Tap 1

These 2-wheel hazards zip in and out of traffic, passing very close to cars and trucks.  There was an incident when a rider and his passenger fell off of their motorbike right in front of our car!  Talk about scary!  Thank goodness no one was hurt (well maybe their pride was hurt because it happened in the middle of a very busy street) and both individuals were able to walk away.

I tried to take some photos of what looked like motorbike taxi stands but picture-taking in Haiti from the inside of a moving vehicle is very challenging.  But my question for you is this: how many passengers do you think one motorbike in Haiti can hold? 


Well the answer as we saw on the way to the airport on Friday was FOUR!  Yes!   

One rider, one passenger with big bag and TWO goats
One rider, one passenger with big bag and TWO goats

We don’t know how far those poor goats were being transported (feet tied together and upside down), but became very concerned because there was one whose head was hanging very close to the ground.  Can you see them?  One is brown and white on the left and the other is black on the right.

Hope home is nearby!
Hope home is nearby!

As they turned off of the main road, we could only assume everyone made it safely to their destination (including the passenger with the very big bag).  Kudos to the taxi driver for his great skill in transporting his cargo.

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