When a Mother Loses a Child, Another One is Glad Hers is Still Alive

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My son Nathan as a baby

Two mothers in Barbados lost their sons tragically this past week.  The first son died in a vehicular accident.  He was only 17.  The second son died after being shot to the head.  He was 21.  Different circumstances which both ended the same: a son died and a mother grieved.

These women had no choice in letting their children go.  They didn’t have time to adjust to their sudden departure – the boys weren’t terminally ill, or laying in hospital for a while as doctors tried to save their lives.  Both died before anyone had time to tell them goodbye or hug them or reassure them that they were loved.

If you are a parent, can you imagine getting the news that your child has died?  Can you feel the tightening of your chest as you identify their body?  What about the deep regret of not being with them at the end?  How much would your heart hurt?  Would you be able to function and move on with your life with such a void?  For sure, losing a young child can be one of the worst nightmares for any parent.

But imagine then how additionally difficult it was for this mother, who had to consciously decide to let her 15 month old baby daughter go.  Posted on the Brave Girls Club and entitled: “In Loving Memory of Mary” (written by ‘bravemom3’) we are drawn into a beautiful powerful story which highlights the joys as well as sorrows of being a mother.  At the end, the story makes me glad that I am truly blessed to have my 16-year old son here on earth with me.

Click to read the post here and if you are a parent, be sure to spend some quality time this weekend with your children … because you never know when you may have to let them go.

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