“Spotting” a Marriage Before It’s Too Late



When blogging, you can come across a link to a link to another link.  That’s how I was led to a blog called The Time Warp Wife.  Interestingly enough, the article on the homepage was exactly what I had been talking about recently to a friend.  Our conversation concerned a Christian man who had had an affair with a Christian woman and was divorcing his wife (also a Christian) of 30 odd years.  As I listened to the story unfold, I reserved my opinion. 

It was indeed a sad situation but a formula meant for adding one person to one other person only will always give a different result when two becomes three.  My friend continued and ended by exclaiming: “A big Christian man in church, and carrying on like that!  He should be ashamed to come into God’s house every single Sunday without being ashamed.”

And that was that.  But being a Christian unfortunately does not preclude you from being exposed to the temptations of life.  Believers are human and will therefore face the same distractions/relationship situations as non-believers.  Should they be stronger because of their faith?  Maybe.  Will the devil refuse to target them as he would others?  Highly unlikely.  Actually, it is felt sometimes that the more prayers we send up, the more agitated the devil gets and then he sends even more fire down on us.

That being said, I have realised it doesn’t matter what your faith is or if you have no faith at all, the beautiful institution known as marriage is not easy.  Two people becoming one involves giving, taking and agreeing to meet somewhere in the middle as often as necessary.  However, I will also admit as a divorce statistic that having other couples to guide you or ‘spot’ you along the way will probably work wonders in terms of support and encouragement.

But what’s a spotter? A spotter for example can be a coach who ‘spots’ you at the gym during your workout by helping you (in the beginning for sure) to perform an exercise correctly e.g. gymnastics, or to lift very heavy weights.  If you are now building your muscles, wouldn’t you be happy (and relieved as well as appreciative) to have him or her as your ‘spotter’ i.e. standing really close by to help in case you are not able to lift or lower the weights properly and therefore protecting you from possible serious injury?

Well if you said yes – and if you are married or contemplating marriage – then this article from The Time Warp Wife  on “We Need More Spotters” by Karen Ehman could be just for you … especially if you are a Christian.

And if spotting is what you need, my prayer is that you will find a really great spotter or two or three to help you along the way … even if it’s a Christian divorcee … like me.  Good luck!


We Need Spotters
We Need More Spotters by Karen Ehman



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Barbadian mother and lover of laughter; story teller and best-selling author; happy to follow God's lead and to live my mantra: "you've gotta be a rainbow in the lives of others when it rains."

2 thoughts on ““Spotting” a Marriage Before It’s Too Late”

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Gale. While reading your post got me to thinking, how in so many other situations we could be or are in need of spotters to help us through.


  2. I so agree! It would be great if we could find spotters to help us in our jobs, raising our children and of course with exercising and finding time for ourselves. Do you know any spotters? They should be celebrated!


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