How To Get Secret (Legal) Revenge

Excellent advice from Seth Adam Smith which I believe if taken seriously will prove successful in helping us to get secret (legal) revenge. Do you agree? Have you done something similar? Let us know!

Seth Adam Smith

Painting "Die Rache" (The Revenge) by Jakob Emanuel Gaisser Painting “Die Rache” (The Revenge) by Jakob Emanuel Gaisser

Has anyone ever said something mean about you? Has anyone ever lied about you or spread a nasty rumor? Has someone ever told something truthful about you, but in a way that hurt you? Have you ever wanted to get back at them for it? Have you ever wanted revenge?

If you answered ‘No’ then you’re lying because everyone has wanted (or currently wants) to get back at someone. I suppose it’s part of our nature as humans.

The problem is this: How do you get back at someone who has hurt you? You can’t do the same thing to them—because that would just bring you down to their level. You can’t teach your family and friends to hate them—because that could just escalate into a West Side Story situation (and nobody has the time to learn the choreography). You can’t use a…

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