Is your mother exceeding the limits of your medication?


My mummy with my sister (long pants) and I (shorts)
My mummy with my sister (long pants) and I (shorts)


Sometimes we complain about our mummies.  We love them but they can be annoying, frustrating, too honest, always ‘up in our business’ and way too ready to offer advice.  One friend even told me his mother was ‘exceeding the limits of his medication’.  I didn’t ask for further explanation but what’s a mummy exactly?  What does she represent to you in your life today?  Not sure, or is your list too long to share?

Well, here are 10 sure-fire ways (not in any specific order, and we are sure there are lots lots more) to tell if you have a super cool mummy – especially if you are a grown adult.  Let us know if you can relate.

  1. She insists on cooking for you … even after you have moved out from home
  2. She uses any excuse to call and talk to you … even if it’s at midnight
  3. She comments on what you are wearing … usually with a disapproving look and especially if you are a female (showing too much skin, too much skin!)
  4. She waits up for you to come home … no matter how old you are or how late
  5. She offers advice … whether it is asked for or not
  6. She has a lot to say about your current boyfriend or girlfriend … because she has ‘standards’ and so should you
  7. She will do anything for her grandchildren … including ‘protecting’ them from your ‘harsh and unreasonable punishments’
  8. She will staunchly defend you to others … IF she agrees with the stance you have taken on an issue
  9. She still calls you her little girl or little boy … even though it is many years that you have been considered a fully grown adult by the rest of the world
  10. She loves you unconditionally … and does not hesitate to show you with big deep hugs how very glad she always is to see you (especially in public)


Mummies are usually wonderful sweet-smelling women of love and warmth representing everything wholesome and beautiful.  They are the sugar and salt of the earth.  They love us, smile on us, spank us, take away our stuff to prove a point, and always remind us that there is no such thing as a ‘free lunch’. 

Unfortunately we don’t have a mummy anymore.  We lost her on Sunday, April 19, 2009.  We will never forget that day; neither will we forget her. 

She did not only give us life:

  • she gave us values
  • taught us to appreciate hard work and how to save our money
  • drilled into us the importance of honesty and integrity
  • and insisted we give to others no matter how little we had – because it would come back to you in a much fuller measure. 

Our mummy brought lots of joy into our lives with her bubbly laughter and twinkling green eyes – and yes, we had our heated arguments and differences of opinions, but we made up and moved on.  Her death has left a void in our lives that can never be filled and all this time later, we still miss her so very much and think of her even more at Christmas time, on her birthday, on our birthdays and on Mothers’ Day every year.

So I ask again, do you have a mummy and is she like super cool?  If you do, then love her and cherish her.  Call her up just to say hi and see how she’s doing.  Let her know how much she means to you … yes, even when she is annoying or frustrating or always ‘up in your business’ because time is short, and you never know when you may not have the chance to ever see, touch, smell, talk to or hear her ever again. 

So why are you still here?  If you have 10 cool ways or more (and we are asking you to share these with us by commenting below this post) that indicate your mummy is alive and well then please go show her some love!!!  She is sure to love you even more … in that truly special way that only mummies have.

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Barbadian mother and lover of laughter; story teller and best-selling author; happy to follow God's lead and to live my mantra: "you've gotta be a rainbow in the lives of others when it rains."

5 thoughts on “Is your mother exceeding the limits of your medication?”

  1. It’s true…time is short. I had a mummy to some degree. She now has Alzheimer’s and in a weird twist of events, she is more pleasant that she’s ever been. It’s a blessing in this season.


  2. When you go to visit, she will also have something to give you when leaving and when she don’t have, she would say “all I have today is love”.


  3. Dear Elise, Your description of a “weird twist of events” is so interesting! We have an aunt with early Alzheimer’s and her short term memory is almost non-existent. Some days are good days, but more often than not we are struggling on most other days with trying to help her remember the littlest of things. Enjoy your blessing with your mummy while it lasts, and may you in turn bless others.


  4. It’s obvious Gale that you had a wondero mother, whom you loved and respected. She’s still loving and protecting you and Nathan. May she continue to rest in peace.


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