Let’s get to moving … everything

So I decided to tackle this week’s WordPress photo challenge entitled “On The Move” and which included this instruction: For this week’s photo challenge, share your interpretation of “on the move”.

Several photos came to mind almost immediately, but I’m going to share some of the more interesting ones I took while in Haiti late last year.

In Haiti, everyone is usually rushing to get somewhere. As soon as the sun comes up, people are walking the streets and at a very brisk rate, many carrying big bags on their heads.  You can also take public transport and put your heavy bags on the roof of the vehicle.  The photos immediately below were taken early one morning from my hotel room.  Within the space of an hour, dozens upon dozens of people had already walked through the street and this was long before 7:00 a.m.

IMG-20131119-00076 IMG-20131119-00079 IMG-20131119-00080 IMG-20131119-00081 IMG-20131119-00083 IMG-20131119-00085

Most Haitians walk everywhere …

Haiti is about people: lots and lots
Lots of people walking the streets

Now you can’t go to Haiti without seeing a Tap Tap!  To help define this type of vehicle and transportation for you, here’s what wikipedia.org had to say:

Tap taps are gaily painted buses or pick-up trucks that serve as share taxis in Haiti. They may also be referred to as camionette. Literally meaning “quick quick”, these vehicles for hire are privately owned and ornately decorated. They follow fixed routes, won’t leave until filled with passengers, and their passengers can disembark at any point in the journey. Often painted with religious names or slogans, the tap tap is known for its lavish decoration, and many feature wild colours, portraits of famous people, and intricate, hand-cut wooden window covers.”

Below are my Tap Tap photos (quickly taken before they dashed off)!

Tap Taps 3 Tap Taps 2 Tap Tap 1Let's go to the market

And the last photos confirming that any and everything can be moved from point A to point B as long as you find a way to make it work 🙂

One rider, one passenger with big bag and TWO goats
One rider, one passenger with big bag and TWO goats
Hope home is nearby!
Hope home is nearby!

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are going, or what you are taking with you on the journey, in Haiti life is a flow of never-ending movement.


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