Sick with the fever … but still onside

I am sick with the fever … World Cup fever. Every weekend I sit in front of the TV without moving. I have my popcorn ready and I’m in my favourite couch. No-one dares disturb me unless it’s to discuss the matches – and we’ve had a few nail-biters so far! There’s been a fair share of surprises as favourite teams have gone home while others displayed super fantabulous playing and moved up the ranks.

But this post is not about my illness per se, nor is it about my enjoyment of this sporting activity which only comes around once in every four years; it’s about the seriousness of being accountable rather than ‘offside’.
Even if you don’t read the details of the story, note the headline: “Ghana sports minister and deputy sacked after side’s poor World Cup”.  I was like: seriously??!!!! These people don’t play! It’s like you’d better do what’s expected of you in towing the line because if you run offside too many times the line will be towed out of your grasp.  
I paused for a moment because although this story focuses on football, imagine if political ministers in other parts of the world were held accountable for too high taxation, too high unemployment rates, too high words and not enough action in doing what is right by the people? Isn’t that ‘poor performance’ as well? And who pulls them back when they are offside,and is your representative truly representing you?  Is he or she mandated to perform well or be ‘sacked’? Hmmmm … 
As you mull all of that over in your mind, here is an excerpt from the article as per Ghana’s president has removed the minister of sport and his deputy from their positions in the wake of the country’s poor performance in the World Cup. The president, John Mahama, gave no reason for the order, but it comes after the team finished bottom of Group G, failing to win any games.”  
And it got worse: “The president’s statement on Saturday said that Elvis Afriyie-Ankrah was now a minister of state in the government while his deputy Joseph Yammin had been sent to the Ashanti region as a regional minister. The team’s World Cup campaign has been dogged by difficulties and controversy. Ghana’s players threatened to strike unless a cash shipment containing unpaid fees was sent to them. Mahama was forced to send a plane containing £1.76m to Brasília for the players to share.” Read more
All in all, not good! Yet, it’s articles such as these that offer much food for thought, even as we (the non-governmental-ministers-of-life) try to live our lives with more accountability … and less calls of ‘offside!’.
What’s your take?  Tell  me.

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