It’s not too late to make a Life Map for 2014

Someone asked me recently if I was en route to accomplishing all of the goals I had set myself for 2014. I laughed. I couldn’t think of anyone I knew who would be able to answer yes to that question, least of all me.

Most days find me with To Do Lists in my planner, on scraps of paper, in my journal and in desperation deep within the recesses of my brain. And what about those unforeseen circumstances and projects which pop up, pushing my goals deeper and deeper down into a black hole? Can you relate? Well your hole may not be as deep or black as mine BUT I will say this: 2014 is not over yet! There is still time to re-think, re-plan and re-group to turn those dreams into reality … this post I made in January (which is now applying to October) says so!

Are you with me then? Will we fight on or lie down and give up? I KNOW we can make it happen 🙂

Gale Weithers

Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Have you ever tried to go somewhere new without a map or getting directions?  It is possible but isn’t it better to have notes which can help you get to where you need to be especially if a time limit is involved?

I get lost easily and so I have to write the simplest of directions down.  In Barbados, someone will tell you to: “go down the road and then go up by the pink house until you see a brown wall, then go down from there until you see a yellow bungalow in the distance; that is the house.”  We love directional words like ‘down’ and ‘up’ and ‘over there so’ which are ambiguous to say the least, because your ‘up’ can be my ‘down’.

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