You are not perfect …and that’s okay!

I loved this post – not because I think a mirror can be a dangerous thing, but because it’s so ‘me’. I look into my mirror and see age spots, dull eyes, tired complexion – for starters. Further staring leads to arms, stomach, hips and thighs which can all do with some serious toning. My hair is bored to tears from being held hostage daily in a tight bun and my entire persona is screaming: will somebody please please help me!!!
It would be great to have a sexy hairstyle, smooth skin and a runway model body … maybe … realistically – not at my age! But I’m going to love myself, take practical steps and stay teachable; I’m definitely not perfect …and yes, that’s ok because in the meantime I can still try to be a better person. Do you agree?

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Barbadian mother and lover of laughter; story teller and best-selling author; happy to follow God's lead and to live my mantra: "you've gotta be a rainbow in the lives of others when it rains."

5 thoughts on “You are not perfect …and that’s okay!”

  1. β€œDon’t mistake activity with achievement.” β€œI am careful not to confuse excellence with perfection. Excellence, I can reach for; perfection is God’s business.”


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