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‘To be’ or ‘not to be’ has evolved somewhat into ‘support’ or ‘not support’ because the ever lasting question most Christians ask themselves is: “how can I support something that goes so much against the grain of what I have been taught?”

Thankfully, here is a really great answer- well in my opinion anyway, and you are more than free to disagree but I think this post hits the proverbial nail on the head.

I don’t do it enough as I should, but in today’s mad chaotic world of war, famine, inflation, unemployment, stress, cancer, murders and suicides (to name a few things) now may be the right time to pause before asking myself (and without passing judgement) : “What would Jesus do?” Definitely something to think about and thanks to for sharing.

Ten Thousand Places

gay weddingIn Jesus’ time, the nation of Israel was under Roman rule. The Israelites were allowed to live there and practice their faith for the most part, but they had to pay taxes to Caesar and obey the Roman laws.

To the Israelites, the Romans were evil and ungodly. They had no place ruling over God’s chosen people in God’s chosen nation. That land had been promised to Moses and his descendants when God brought them out of Egypt. Their very presence in the land was blasphemous.

One of the Roman laws stated that any man could be required to drop what he was doing and carry a Roman soldier’s equipment for him for up to a mile. In the sermon on the mount, with his followers gathered around him, Jesus referenced that law and told his followers what they should do in that case:

“If anyone forces you to go…

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