WordPress Photo Challenge: The early bird gets the bird seed :)

The Challenge: “This week (and especially if you’re among those who find the early bird concept cringe-worthy), I encourage you to set your alarm for the early hours, grab your first (several) cups of coffee, and challenge yourself to capture an outstanding photograph in the early morning light.”

My submission is going to interpret the challenge literally i.e. the early bird always gets the bird seed/crackers/rice grains.  As a small child, I always wondered why one of my aunts made it a point to feed wild birds in the cool dawn of every morning until I read a random article which suggested that such an act was a direct connection with nature. Maybe; maybe not.  I’m still not sure.

What I do know is we’ve graduated from one or two birds to lots and lots.  As soon as I open our front door they line the fence excitedly – whether I have food for them or not. I think it’s because they believe the early bird is the one that gets the goodies 🙂

Go here for more early bird photos.


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Barbadian mother and lover of laughter; story teller and best-selling author; happy to follow God's lead and to live my mantra: "you've gotta be a rainbow in the lives of others when it rains."

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