Her Angels Were Waiting

Photo by Gale E
Photo by Gale E

Her Angels Were Waiting

“It doesn’t matter how fast you run, you’ll never get away!”

Dana tried to block out the words, to make her legs go faster. She stumbled in the dark then steadied herself, willing her feet to navigate the uneven terrain through the thick undergrowth surrounding the back of the remote cabin.

One foot in front of the other just like her coach Armand had demonstrated during their morning runs. Soon she would indeed reach the end. This was what she had secretly been training for, not those silly 10K race ribbons worth less than the material they were made of.  No, her goal was freedom, to be gone from this insanity which represented her matrimonial life

The path leading down to the beach finally came into view. Dana picked up the pace, sprinting towards the ‘Angel Lover’, Armand’s old outboard motor. She would return it eventually one day. A few more meters and she would be sailing away. All she had to do was run a little further into the sand and …


She heard the shout before he tackled her, his body knocking the breath from her body as she fell face down into the sand.


Granules of sand swept into her nostrils and around her tongue. Dana struggled to get up but it was useless. Two hundred pounds of body mass covered her slender frame, the fingers of one of his hands tightening around her neck.

“I own you Dana, when will you accept this?” he spat the question into her ear, his breath making her skin crawl.

“You will never own me! Get off me you moron!”

A bright flash erupted across her eyes as his other hand connected with her head, leaving a throbbing pulse vibrating through her temple. She could barely see the ocean for the tears which clouded her vision, even though she had promised herself to be strong.

“Now who do we want with us: angels or devils?”

Dana’s father usually asked this question whenever they left the house. He would hold her hand tightly as they walked to the park, entreating her to keep up and stay close to him. She remembered the question now, recalling the fear in her five-year old heart after stories of monstrous red devils kidnapping bad children who strayed too far away from their parents. Angels were much nicer, like beautiful mermaids her dad had said, swimming in a blue sea and playing happily with the other fish. They loved you and never hurt you.


The whispered declaration escaped trembling lips as she sunk sharp teeth deep into John’s flesh, then twisted her body quickly to shift from under him.  While he sat back on his hunches screaming in pain, she was already sprinting towards the waves, oblivious to his enraged obscenities.

She didn’t look back, her eyes searching and finding the mermaid riding the crest of a white wave, arms outstretched, calling her name. Dana finally made it into the sea, where she let the freezing water embrace her body, taking her freely away … to where her angels were waiting.

The End.


An entry for the Tipsy Lit Flash Fiction Contest








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Barbadian mother and lover of laughter; story teller and best-selling author; happy to follow God's lead and to live my mantra: "you've gotta be a rainbow in the lives of others when it rains."

2 thoughts on “Her Angels Were Waiting”

    1. Thanks for dropping by and yes, a tragic tale with a sad ending. Only noticed that after I finished but hoping for some light flash fiction stories later on. Hope to see you visit again soon 🙂


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