It’s the weekend! So what’s on your To Do List?

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And whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus …
Colossians 3:17

So glad today is Friday!  Are you looking forward to the weekend as much as I am?  So what are your plans?

  • Are you going to make sure you spend some quality time with your family?
  • Push ahead with some cleaning and laundry and grocery shopping?
  • Catch up on reading a good book or watching a good movie?
  • More importantly, have you scheduled (yes, I said scheduled) an appointment to spend some quiet time with: YOU?
  • All of the above?

Well I have at least two long pages of To Do items for this weekend, most of which will probably be carried forward into next weekend BUT I am a list person so I live to write lists and tick off stuff; that’s just the way I am.

I can even forget to put something on the list, do it, then write it on the list and afterwards tick it off – lololol … isn’t that really cool?  You just have to love me as I am folks, weird and all!

Anyways, this note is simply to suggest that whatever we do, let’s try to be guided by today’s featured verse as we look ahead to a wonderful relaxing weekend.

Photo credit: Gale Weithers
Photo credit: Gale Weithers

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Barbadian mother and lover of laughter; story teller and best-selling author; happy to follow God's lead and to live my mantra: "you've gotta be a rainbow in the lives of others when it rains."

2 thoughts on “It’s the weekend! So what’s on your To Do List?”

  1. It is the weekend and I always look forward to it. Hubby and I are spending it together without making plans on what to do we are just gonna do what ever we want. It’s nice to do things without having making plans.


    1. Well Desiray I always look forward to the weekends just as you do but I agree only to a certain extent about doing whatever you want without a plan, because sometimes it’s good to decide what ‘whatever we want’ is – gives you a little something to eagerly look forward to and smile about all day long on Friday 😉 Keep well, and may your weekend be everything you hope it will be.


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