Homeless and Hopeless in Southampton

Paris | Photo by Gale E
Photo by Gale E


Her words touched me; her photos even more. The main message? The fact that homeless people were not always homeless. Some of the persons we see on the street were once successful business men and women who have merely fallen on hard times. Do you walk by and pretend they do not exist or do you extend a helping hand? The choice is yours but remember: times can change for us in the blink of an eye and were it not for your current circumstances you could be homeless too.

This post is definitely a must-read so check out the excerpt below to see what I mean (you can click on the source link to read it in its entirety).

Today however, many of the homeless are just normal people, who have hit bad times. Many cannot afford to drink or smoke. I have talked to a variety of homeless people in and around Southampton. I do not offer any analysis, but here is my general observations: The youngest I spoke to was 14 years-of-age, the oldest was 82. Other vulnerable people included those with mental illnesses. I have met five couples and two families. Most are single.”

Source: Homeless and Hopeless in Southampton

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