Why I am Praying for World Peace

Source: www.cd-traveller.com
Source: http://www.cd-traveller.com

I love my country Barbados all 166 square miles of it. There, I’ve put it out there in the open, but I’m sure you love your country too!

For a Barbadian, there’s nothing quite like being a ‘Bajan’ as we call ourselves. We are a proud people; talented, resilient, fun-loving and fiercely patriotic especially during the month of November when we celebrate our independence from England (49 years strong on November 30, 2015). We are conservative yet cognizant of preserving our culture, even though we appear to be heavily influenced by North America. We enjoy freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom to simply exist.

Looking out to sea from the beach on a hot Saturday morning
Photo by Gale E | Looking out to sea from the beach on a hot Saturday morning

As I continue to follow news of the intense violence and terrorist activity across the world, the meaningless attacks on people in Paris, Kenya and Beirut for example (along with missing planes and passengers, coupled with the thousands of refugees trying to find a new home), I admit to appreciating my somewhat laid back, extremely quiet (most of the time), maybe not as highly developed as other countries, non extremely big “you-can-be-totally-lost-in-a-city” existence. My heart burns deeply for all lives that are lost and hurts for those who are left to mourn; what the world definitely needs now is peace and more peace.


Yet in the midst of death there is life and maybe this short video produced right here by Cielo Productions can better express what my words cannot i.e even as I pray for others who are going through super tough times, I’m so so proud of this tiny island in the Caribbean sea and prouder still of our own homegrown girl Rihanna.

Source: http://www.barbados.org/
Source: http://www.barbados.org/

If you’ve never had the opportunity to live among us or visit, I am sure you will be encouraged to do so but in the meantime, just so you can see how I feel, ask yourself these questions: “Do you ever feel blessed to have been born in a specific country or to reside in a certain city? Do you get goosebumps whenever you see your country’s flag being raised and/or sing your national anthem? Are there certain aspects that define you totally and which cannot be found anywhere else? Are you praying for world peace?” Leave a comment 🙂






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Barbadian mother and lover of laughter; story teller and best-selling author; happy to follow God's lead and to live my mantra: "you've gotta be a rainbow in the lives of others when it rains."

3 thoughts on “Why I am Praying for World Peace”

  1. Reblogged this on Praying for the millennials and commented:
    What a dutiful delight to pray for peace because our Prince of Peace, our Lord Jesus, is ready and available to come into the lives of all those who will receive Him by faith in His death and resurrection. Everyday born-again Christians have eternal life and the Peace of God that our Lord Jesus Christ gives. To every Christian, life in Christ is everlasting world peace. We join you beautiful people in praying that the world will believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved (Acts 16:31).


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