Beautiful or Flawed?

Photo by Gale E
Photo by Gale E

In some instances this is a fact: slim or fit (physically) on the outside does not make you beautiful or caring (emotionally) on the inside. As a woman under attack (hot flashes physically and lack of motivation mentally) I join others like myself who kill ourselves trying to lose weight so we can look at least half as beautiful as the models strutting the catwalks.

I can definitely vouch for how much

  • We squat to tone and lift our glutes
  • We do tricep dips to get rid of the flabby bags under our arms, and bicep curls to build muscle on top
  • We sit up and crunch and sit up some more begging an ab or two to show up
  • We jog/sprint on the treadmill and believe our dripping sweat is really fat crying
  • We burpee and push up and mountain climb until we can barely drive out of the carpark at the gym
  • We admire those who seem to have it ‘going on’ 24/7 … but do they?

Check out what a fellow blogger discovered one day via her post: Blessings & Flaws. If you haven’t had your own ‘ah ha’ moment pause for a bit, then define for yourself whether you see your body as blessed or flawed, and if you can at all relate to this post then share it with another awesomely blessed woman in your life – because what’s on the inside is much much more important than what’s on the outside 🙂

quotes to make you love yourself

quotes to make you love yourself

quotes to make you love yourself

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