Thanks for the Amazing Lift :)

One early morning in April of 2009 my mom went to be a flower in God’s garden. Every year around this time I remember her sacrifices for us her children, her unconditional love and the amazing way she always lifted us up. She laughed loud and prayed louder; her God was her all and I so miss her … a lot.

But this note is really for you, my awesome readers and fellow bloggers, to thank you for visiting me just when I need a lift. It’s to say I am so very grateful to all of you for raising me up over and over again 🙂

And now it’s your turn. Is there someone in your life who lifts you up? Someone who helps you to be strong when you feel weakest, supporting you through thick and thin? Then let them know how much they mean to you, especially if it’s your mom or dad or another family member/close friend; share this beautiful song as demonstrative of your love and gratitude (Josh sings it really really well!) – while you still can.

In the meantime, thanks for the lift; I appreciate your dropping by and better yet the comments you leave in this small corner space!

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Barbadian mother and lover of laughter; story teller and best-selling author; happy to follow God's lead and to live my mantra: "you've gotta be a rainbow in the lives of others when it rains."

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