Your Silence Is Deafening: An Open Letter To the Target Boycotters

I don’t live in the USA but I have been following this story and believe there are some valid points being raised in this post. I wouldn’t say however that people have been totally silent in important issues … maybe just not as vocal as they probably could have been, especially when viewed against this particular backdrop. What do you think? Don’t let your silence be deafening. Leave a comment and continue the conversation.

Drifting Through


I hear you.

You’re angry.

I get it, I’m angry too.

I’m not talking to the people who are angry at Target because their Pro Transgender bathroom policy flies in the face of their cherry picked moral compass. I’m not under any obligation  to respect their beliefs. 

I’m talking to you… the people who have no issue with sharing a bathroom with LGBT people. I’m talking to those of you who are speaking out about this bathroom policy, expressing concern over the women and children who you fear will be in danger because of this policy.

You’re reasonable people. You aren’t expressing hate or bigotry. You just worry. You worry about your kids, your wives, your sisters. I worry too.

I probably worry too much. I have always accompanied my younger kids to the bathroom in public places. When my son was too old to go into the women’s room, I…

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6 thoughts on “Your Silence Is Deafening: An Open Letter To the Target Boycotters”

  1. Honestly speaking I alleviate any worry of this kind by making sure my kids and myself rarely use public restrooms. Everyone goes to the restroom before we leave the house even if they don’t want to! I will not be boycotting Target. I’ve always worried about he public restroom situation and this hasn’t made me worry more.


    1. I agree about making sure our children go to the bathroom before leaving home BUT with Nathan, it was like, as soon as we hit a store or restaurant he “had to GO like right now!” How long will a person be in a public restroom anyway? Unless they are having some bad stomach issue? If we are concerned for our safety as females, can we go with a friend or go when there are lots of people around or …? I don’t know. There are so many different dynamics. I think it’s best that we simply use common sense rather than anxietal ignorance here and use our energies to focus on the much bigger stuff … but thanks for commenting; your thoughts are always welcome 🙂

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  2. I agree with you. People haven’t been totally silent on the other issues. But I get what she was trying to convey. Maybe the bathroom issue is a louder issue because it will effect more people more often even though it’s certainly not a bigger issue than those she sited in her post.


    1. So that is another great point: the sheer volume of persons which may be affected rather than an individual (or two or three) which may make this a ‘louder issue’. Very nicely said and I believe it looks as though we tend to become more paranoid especially after applying certain definining labels to people e.g. straight, gay, black, white, autistic, disabled … the list can be endless. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see how this all turns out in the end. Thanks for stopping by and for adding to the conversation 🙂

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  3. I am of a certain age. I was raised in an environment where sexuality was clearly defined by most. You were (for the most part) either or. Now, you are telling me that sexuality is fluid. I am ready to “evolve” but I would rather that I not be hit in the head with an opinion – yes, I am aware of title 9. Have seen television hosts asking guess if they are aware of any trouble as a result of the new interpretation of the law; and the answer is always in the negative. The point then is, “Well, why oppose the law?” Because something has not happen yet, does not mean it will not happen. Don’t think the rush to penalize a state or business is prudent. There should be a period where folks are persuaded, educated, and things monitored. Allow for there to be an evolutionary process where things can be fine tuned. Just like President Obama, allow for people to “evolve.”

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