What’s all this ‘hump’ about Wednesday?

Hump day camel
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I always wondered why Wednesday was also known as Hump Day. Thought at one point in time it was because this day which falls in the middle of the week moves much much slower that others, you know – like a big camel laden with water padding across the hot desert sand, wishing for the shade of a tree … you get the picture.

But just to be sure I touched base with my friend Google who in turn sent me to WiseGEEK (clear answers for common questions) where I found this for starters:

Hump day” refers to the idea that a week, especially a work week, is like a hill. Monday and Tuesday are days when a person “climbs” up, since they are the beginning or start of a traditional work week. At the end of Wednesday, the worker has reached the pinnacle of the week, and work on Thursday and Friday represents climbing back down toward the weekend.”  Read more

I then got the excerpt below from www.urbandictionary.com:

Wednesday, or the hump of the week
The absolute BEST day of the week, the day of maximum hope that maybe, you might make it out of this week alive. A particularly good hump day can last you the rest of the week, and by Doomsday morning (Monday) you survive by anticipating hump day. Nothing goes wrong on hump day “.  Read more

Guess all of this makes sense I suppose, but still my favorite day of the week is Saturday. Why? Because if there are no pressing errands to run or laundry to take care of I can sleep in late! And best of all, there’s no work the next day either; yeah!!!

Yet, after an informal poll I was forced to acknowledge that Hump Day is popular too because as my office peeps told me: “after Wednesday, two more sleeps and its the weekend – aka party time!”

But what’s your favorite day of the week? Is it Hump Day, a weekend day or even Monday? Click on the link below and tell us.  Until then, Happy Hump Day!

My absolute fav day of the week is definitely …


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3 thoughts on “What’s all this ‘hump’ about Wednesday?”

  1. My favorite day of the week is hands down Saturday because you can wake up late in the morning and go for late night parties without worrying about tomorrow because you know tomorrow is just Sunday and you don’t have to attend any meeting or take any work calls. Saturday is a blissful day for me.


    1. I do so agree with you. My only problem with Saturday is that it merges too quickly into Sunday and then before you know it, it’s Sunday and we go through the process all over again. Thanks for sharing and happy Hump Day! 😉

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      1. Yeah that’s true. Haha. The part of the world in which I live, my hump day is about to come to an end. But thank you and same to you. 😉


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