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“There is no decision that we can make that doesn’t come with some sort of balance or sacrifice. ~ Simon Sinek

This quote is even more true when it involves choosing between going home to your family or putting in that extra hour at the office so you can start the next day ahead of your To Do List.

What’s your take on the sacrifices made by women trying to balance their quest for career advancement with being good caretakers of their home and children?

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Gale Weithers

Photo by Gale E

My son is 20 years old. Now, instead of having to look after him 24/7 it seems as though I spend a fair deal of time reminding him I even exist! When he was born, I decided to totally dedicate his first 16 years to teaching him as many life lessons as possible. That was the small window I saw us having together before he left my influence – physically as well as mentally. It was definitely a challenge.

There were many days I wanted to give up, to lay my tired body down and shout to the world: “look, enough is enough; the universe has shown me why some parents in the wild want to (and do) eat their young.” 

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