Introducing: Ambassador Joan H. Underwood, Managing Director & Principal Consultant, Underwood Talent Development Services (UTDS) Inc., Barbados

We are super excited to be launching Chapter 14 of our #Entrepreneurial Stories Series project!

So get that cup of tea or coffee or smoothie or whatever is needed to get your day off to a roaring start (could be a glass of wine as well!) as we take a quick moment to sit down for a chat with Ambassador Joan H. Underwood, Managing Director & Principal Consultant of Underwood Talent Development Services (UTDS) Inc., operating out of the beautiful island of Barbados.

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“Once upon a time, in a land far away, there lived a princess in a grand palace surrounded by wicked witches and wizards.

The King, an astute businessman with the Queen always by his side, feared for his daughter’s safety. After some thought he instructed the kingdom’s advisors to set up companies which would employ the witches and wizards, allowing them to creatively channel their magic into doing work that would benefit the kingdom.

At first all went well, but the witches and wizards found the work boring and tedious. Their department heads referred to them as magical minions, failed to train, motivate or empower them to make decisions, and mainly left them to their own devices.

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Introducing: Janice Sutherland, CEO of This Woman Can

It was a pleasure interviewing Janice Sutherland who is definitely proving that women can do whatever they put their minds too.

Learn what can happen when you resign from a job without a backup plan while embracing the fact that you will survive anyway.

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