Does Customer Service only apply to retail?

It was fun to be a part of this conversation on LinkedIn!

But what do you think? When you hear the words “customer experience” or “customer service” – is retail the first industry that comes to mind?

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Young Professionals: Introducing Nathan Weithers, Physiotherapist

It’s been a long long journey.

I think there are probably a lot of parents out there who can relate.

No matter what people say, there is no one or right way to raise a child.

It’s a lot of trial and a lot more error. Some things work, a lot of things don’t.

Children of divorced parents feel things more, and it’s tough all around as everyone tries to move forward in a different way.

You pray, load stamina, shed enough tears to fill several washing machines, lose weight when there’s a crisis followed by another and another, and you pray some more.

But then, you see this post and you pour yourself a big glass of wine.

You pat yourself on the back (well, as far as you can reach to do it so you feel good) as the mother of one child, a son who is stepping into the world of work with his head screwed on right.

He’s determined, compassionate, loyal, eager to learn, and always thinking of ways to move to the next level.

He’s not perfect of course, none of us are; I just believe these attributes displayed by someone so young and new to their profession is a good start.

As his mother I am professing that he’s gonna be one of the baddest physios ever (thanks to the Back Into Motion Physiotherapy team in Barbados who have guided and supported thus far) and yes, I am approving my own message 🤣

Join me in wishing him the best of luck for the future. The world of work is super hard, sometimes unforgiving, and filled with relentless hustle BUT it’s truly worth it especially when you are doing something you love. I would know.

And to everyone raising children and paying into the life of a little or bigger-than-little human: do not give up! Your glass of wine is on its way!

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Introducing: Ambassador Joan H. Underwood, Managing Director & Principal Consultant, Underwood Talent Development Services (UTDS) Inc., Barbados

We are super excited to be launching Chapter 14 of our #Entrepreneurial Stories Series project!

So get that cup of tea or coffee or smoothie or whatever is needed to get your day off to a roaring start (could be a glass of wine as well!) as we take a quick moment to sit down for a chat with Ambassador Joan H. Underwood, Managing Director & Principal Consultant of Underwood Talent Development Services (UTDS) Inc., operating out of the beautiful island of Barbados.

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