Are you Ready for October’s stories of Grit, Grind & Growth?

So how DID we get here???

We were really excited to launch the #Entrepreneurial Stories Series Project at the beginning of September and so pleased with the response from everyone who accepted our invitation to be interviewed!

Special thanks to all those who have participated so far, and we are eagerly looking forward to featuring new interviewees for October.

In case you missed any of the epic stories of Grit, Grind & Growth, here are the links below:

Chapter 5 – Amad Rashad Thompson, PHRi, Bahamas

Chapter 4 – Shane Ram, Trinidad

Chapter 3 – Carmen Spencer, Canada

Chapter 2 – Jolene King, Chartered MCIPD, MA, MSc, BSc, Barbados

Chapter 1 – Rick Altman, USA

Congrats guys on being transparent and honest and being willing to share your story with us in this space!

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How to be Epic

The Assignment

Teacher: “Illustrate what the word ‘epic’ means to you.”

Me: Loudly within my brain “Like, what?!!!!”

Errrrr … OK … no problem … I’ve got this.

And I think I did a pretty good job – for a non-artist 😁

But on a serious note, this exercise made me think of the clients who have what you would term as ‘unusual’ requests, i.e. for a service or product not readily available in your arsenal, but with some level of creativity you just might be able to pull off that sale.

Or the boss who presents you with a strange request outside of your skillset and which makes you pause for a bit as you wonder: can I or can’t I? How even?

Now as you can see, I cannot draw to save my life! I am the queen of stick men, women and animals, very square houses and slim stiff stalky trees. You might even get a cat, fish or dog from me on a good day.

All that being said, I am yet to get a grade on this assignment and I may not even pass BUT I would have tried my best AND I would have delivered!

Here’s the bottom line:

We shouldn’t ever be limited by what we think we cannot do, because we can do anything we want to; we just have to find a way to execute when asked to do something we have never tried before or which lies outside of our comfort zone. Sometimes we might even discover that there is more than one way to get the job done because if we look hard enough, we will see that there is so much potential and opportunity waiting for us to stand out and be epic!

But do you agree? Are you going to be epic or un-epic? Not a word but you know what I mean so leave me your thoughts in the comments and let’s start a conversation … because our #wordsmatter.

Closing wish

May the creative potential of everyone reading this post live long and prosper 🙌

PS: I have NO problem whatsoever with you sharing my ‘Picasso’ across your network; it is what it is and people need to laugh as much as possible these days anyway 😁

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The Entrepreneurial Stories Series Project – Chapter 5: Introducing Amad Rashad Thompson, CEO / Training & Development Manager of Astute Talent Management & Sysco Bahamas, Bahamas

We are so excited to be launching Chapter 5 of our #Entrepreneurial Stories Series project!
Time to settle back and relax with a cup or glass of whatever you need to kickstart your day, as we share some of the highlights of Amad Thompson’s entrepreneurial journey.
I met Amad Rashad Thompson, PHRi during a webinar event last year and was super impressed by his genuine interest in helping people realise their God-given potential. He was funny and knowledgeable, authentic and purposeful, keeping the audience fully engaged as he gave us all of the reasons why it’s worth it to become better versions of ourselves. Most impressive was his excitement in welcoming all opportunities to connect with people, and to help them connect with their purpose – no matter who they were; he’s a man on fire!

Click to read more about Amad’s entrepreneurial journey: