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I am so excited you were able to join me on this journey called life!  Now that we’ve gotten to know each other a little better please take a few moments to sign my guest book and leave word of encouragement. 

Until my next post, be blessed!

27 thoughts on “Guest Book”

  1. Hello from sweden with great blessing over you in prosper and be used of the lord that last time wher darknes cover alot home and the familys and we asking of the lord out pouring of the HOly Spirit to tget revival and new season to the salvation around the world in healing and in miracles ,thanks and bless and joy,keijo sweden


    1. Welcome to you! Thanks for signing our guest book and wishing you an outpouring of abundant blessings throughout 2014. May this year be even better than what you may wish it to be, and may there be many beautiful rainbows after the thunderstorms.


  2. I’m a teacher in Chicago. I’m presenting “What a Lime of a Night” to my fellow students in a graduate class in literacy instruction next week and have some questions about the idioms in the story. May I email them to you, or put them here? My main question is why a disco, or club is called a “lime”? And what is the implication of saying “what a lime of a night”?

    Sorry if these questions seem basic or silly, but learning more about the subtleties in this hilarious and enjoyable story will help us a lot!

    Gene Booth


    1. Hello Gene! What a surprise to hear how far this story has travelled! You must tell me how you came across it. Please feel free to e-mail me at but in the meantime, let me try to explain. In the Caribbean a “Lime” is another name for a social gathering or party aka an informal get-together with food and music. A lime can be held at someone’s house or at a school hall (as in the story). The title was simply a play on the word “lime” meaning instead of “What a time of a night” (which doesn’t make sense grammatically) I changed it to “What a Lime of a Night”. Last but not least, I admit up front: the names in this story were changed to protect the potentially guilty 🙂 Please share the feedback from your students; would love to hear from you! Until then, keep well.


        1. For example when adding a new post, click on the box that says “Add Contact Form” – this is what your readers will fill in (after you set it up) and then submit to you. If you are still not sure, WordPress has more specific help features which may better guide you. Believe there is some stuff on YouTube as well. Good luck!


          1. Ok. contact form will bring mails directly to your mail box. I was reading in forum about guest book. what you have done is ok. Actually guest book is different, but wp do not have that feature. thanks for your information.


            1. Oops! You are quite right and sorry about that! My Guest Book is definitely based around info left in the comments while the contact form is more structured and entirely different – just as you noted. Am not too WP savvy as you can see, but I try 🙂


  3. Thank you for dropping by at an article I have at Millionaires Digest, How my journal save my life. I am happy to know how both of us had been help by doing journal. Looking forward to more of your post. By the way I send a copy of my book on your email. I hope you will find something from it 🙂

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    1. You are so very kind, and thank you very much for your book which I have safely received! I will touch base with you after I have finished, but am confirming that so far it’s been quite interesting. Thanks for visiting!

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