Introducing: Janice Sutherland, CEO of This Woman Can

It was a pleasure interviewing Janice Sutherland who is definitely proving that women can do whatever they put their minds too.

Learn what can happen when you resign from a job without a backup plan while embracing the fact that you will survive anyway.

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Judging is easy.

Truly understanding why someone did something (that you would never ever do) is way harder.

It took me a long time to get to the place where I finally understood that people aren’t deliberately dumb or stupid when they make a decision I deem to be dumb or stupid.

I had to acknowledge that my judgement was a personal opinion based on a personal perception of a situation for which I usually did not have all of the background details.

All of us are simply human, doing the best we can, as best we can.


👉🏽 Don’t judge people for the choices they made when you don’t know the options they had to choose from.

👉🏽 Ask questions.

👉🏽 Listen louder.

👉🏽 Show #empathy.

👉🏽 Communicate and respond genuinely.

👉🏽 Support your people and lead them like a rockstar.

👉🏽 Be a good human.

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Introducing: Kevin Doherty, Marketing Communications Specialist with Vyond, USA

This week our storyline takes a different type of turn as we chat take a moment to chat with Kevin Doherty, Marketing Communications Specialist at #Vyond, an online platform for creating your own animated content.

Kevin was quick to tell us that he didn’t start off his career in marketing but majored in Musical Theatre while at UCLA, something which led to him performing in several commercials and TV shows as an actor for many years.

After becoming very excited at watching stories come to life on sets and stages, he decided to explore content creation and taught himself writing, graphic design and creative director.

His long-term goal now however, is to take his storytelling skills to serve a more internal purpose … and we’re sure with this type of entrepreneurial mindset he’ll do just that!

Join us as Kevin shares:

✔ the best advice he ever received from his seventh-grade history teacher,

✔ how the pandemic affected the Plan A he originally had for his life, and

✔ who has been his biggest cheerleader along the way.

Don’t miss another exciting story of Grit, Grind & Growth. Read all about Kevin here:

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