The Possibilities Are Endless

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Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. I faced health challenges, intense globe trotting and moments where I failed in balancing career with home life. I won 2 NIFCA Literary Arts awards and became an international best selling author. I ran more kms than last year but participated in less races. I made new friends, lost some and celebrated those still with me. I was (and am) very proud of my son @welikepandas as he started his 2nd year at Mona but prouder of the man he is becoming. I tried to think more of others and dwell less on those who did not think of me as much in return. I trusted God more and stressed less. He always had my back even on the days I fell into bed with the devil and used a bad word or two or three.

2017 is almost over. I look back and I hug me. I tell myself: “Self, yuh got some serious survival scars – deep but healed – yet yuh still above ground with the sky as the only limit to achieving your dreams; just go out and do it.”

To everyone I wish you an amazing 2018 and pray that it will be more than you can ever imagine it to be. The road may be long and rough with nuff potholes and worst yet smelly sewage in some places but you’ve got this! God says so!