Spare or spear? May need a little help :)


tokyo visit, Japan, Ninja stars

After posing with the elusive Ninja (who disappointingly only possessed fake plastic stars instead of the real ones) it was time to get down to serious business after dinner …


tokyo visit, Japan, last samurai

“Spare me, or spear me!” cried the captured Samurai warrior in despair.
But the fearsome Queen of Swords – and hot flashes – simply couldn’t decide what she should do … because just how much damage could one really inflict with a silly plastic sword?

Do you remember “The Last Samurai” movie? I loved it so much I watched it over and over again. I found it so powerful in its message I went out and purchased a beautiful hardcover book which spoke to how the movie was put together.  Guess that’s why I was so thrilled during my recent trip to Japan to actually go into a typical Japanese house (which to me looked almost identical to the one where Tom Cruise lived) … so many many memories aka totally awesome!!!

You can watch the trailer from this 2003 epic film below and hope you enjoyed my fun interpretation of my own movie scene (which by the way is also my submission to the “spare” WordPress Photo Challenge). Thanks for visiting.

PS: I had that poor Samurai shaking in his socks for sure 🙂