Collecting Words and Sentences


They lift, encourage, soothe, hurt, depress, oppress; they cannot break your bones like sticks and stones but they can kill you on the inside more than on the outside.

What words have inspired you to go higher, to be better, to be the change you want to see in others? What has someone ever told you that was so heartbreaking you wanted to die (or kill them – figuratively of course)?

Share your words; let’s use them to start a conversation.

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My college roommate and I used to collect quotes for one another. We’d write inspirational words down on Post-its and keep files where we regularly stored our favorite messages that we’d stumbled across. We both agreed: words are powerful.

When someone expresses an observation that we identify with, a sense of validation and synchronicity arises within us. We’re reminded that we’re not alone, that someone, somewhere else in the world, has discovered the same truth that we’re living or perhaps arrived at a conclusion we needed to hear ourselves.

Make your own Bible. Select and collect all the words and sentences that in all your readings have been to you like the blast of a trumpet.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

I came across the quote above from a fellow quote-collector, journaler, and generally uplifting blogger, Gala Darling. In her “30 Days of Radical Self-Love Letters,” she talks about starting a…

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Find a Prompt & Make it Personal (thanks WordPress!)

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You know what? Some days you don’t need a prompt. That’s because it’s ok to sit in front of a blank screen or just share some love among other bloggers by leaving a comment or two or three on their thoughts. And I have had quite a few of those days recently.

Other times, when you’re struggling to write something profound or meaningful or half-way useful it’s like you need at least four prompts before you can even think of what to post, what idea to think about or what words to throw out into the universe in the hope that they will touch someone somewhere before falling to the ground in the story cemetery.

Maybe I exaggerate a bit but the point is, we have options. Here’s how to make those prompts personal 🙂

“Every blogger faces it, sooner or later: you feel an itch to publish. You haven’t updated your site in a while. You put on your lucky writing socks, fire up WordPress, flex your fingers, … “ Read more via this source: Making Writing Prompts Personal and then visit this link here as well while you’re at it.  Good luck!


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First of the last: January

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January 2015 has come and gone … just like that. I can’t believe it. We’re already into the second month of the year and there’s still so much to be done! Continue reading First of the last: January