How do you pray when you can’t find the words?

Teenage girl praying outdoors at twilight. Shallow DOF.

I once read an article which said that in response to bad news we should take the following steps:-

  • Pray
  • Fast
  • Ask God for strategy
  • Praise God

Good advice, which should be applied to any major challenge we may be experiencing. Unfortunately however, and depending on how difficult our situation may be, some of us find it difficult to get past step number one. It is easy to pray when life is good and all is going well but it gets a little harder when life throws you a big curve ball like losing your job unexpectedly, being diagnosed with a terminal illness, learning of your partner’s infidelity, experiencing divorce, or losing a loved one.

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Traffic + Road Rage = ???

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I’ve made it to Day 6 of #NaBloPoMo and there’s so much to write about!  Like this morning for instance.  It’s very easy to let yourself become depressed and frustrated as you make your way to work in traffic – especially if you’re late.  You tap your fingers impatiently on the steering wheel as you start and stop and start and stop, slowly inching your way forward.  My car has a manual transmission so this is even more harrowing for me.  Continue reading Traffic + Road Rage = ???

The Value of Sleepy Sundays


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Day #3 of #NaBloPoMo and it’s a sleepy Sunday.  This doesn’t mean we lie in bed all day and sleep!  It just means that Sunday is a time for relaxation and family, a chance for unwinding and letting your hair down (well, if you have hair that is).

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