All Are NOT Chosen: Perspective of an Olympic Hopeful

Ready for the gym | Photo by Gale E
Photo by Gale E


The Olympics will soon be here! Are you excited? Well I am for sure!

I am going to be glued to my television 24/7 watching the athletes run, swim, jump, throw. I will have goose bumps whenever they raise the flag of the winner’s country in victory, after all the years of sacrifice and training and tears.

But one thing I never considered before today: the true feelings of those who never make it to Olympia. Because in reality I can train and compete, and train and compete some more but even though I may get very close to being selected, the reality remains that for one reason or another I may never ever see my dream fulfilled.

Just for the record, I am not an athlete. I never will be. Most days I struggle to make it to the gym or hit the streets for a quick run far less become involved in an intense dedicated training programme. I have never represented any of my schools in sports. I have trained and competed in 5K and 10K races as an adult in another life but never won a single race. I have never represented my country in sports; I have never been and will never be an Olympian. This means I honestly cannot speak to the pain or disappointment of giving up so much but not getting to sing my anthem as my country’s flag is raised in full view of a gazillion people.

And that’s the very reason why I am sharing the post below by Beckie, an “international hockey player and aspiring writer“. This is someone who knows, and knows well, that although many are called few can be chosen. After you read her story I encourage you to give her a hug; she’s still an Olympian in my view 🙂

The Story of a Not-Quite Olympian

“As I write this, it’s 114 days until Rio 2016 gets underway. However, despite loving sport in general and the Olympics in particular, on August 5th this year I will probably be hiding under a rock somewhere.” Read more


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What’s your deepest desire? You need to know.

What’s your why?

What’s your motive?

What’s going to drive you when you would rather give up?

Don’t let your talent take you to places your character can’t keep you. When you find your why, you find a way to make it happen. The time for just wishing is past, the time for doing is right now. You cannot and will not give up: champions keep going when they have no more left in their tank – that’s when they get started! Now is the time to make it happen!