Can you be a “Keeper”? 8 Timely Tips

Photo by Jackie Vanterpool
Photo by Jackie Vanterpool

Is your life full of ‘dees’ right now?  Do you often find yourself disappointed or depressed?  Are you wondering why certain circumstances continue to be delayed in coming to pass?

Maybe you’re unknowingly giving life to something that is dead e.g. a past relationship, an old conflict with your employer or pastor, a friend who hurt you terribly but has since moved on as if you never existed, a job position that you really loved but lost due to downsizing.

Or is it that you’re reflective of others in that recently, there has been an alarming increase in the number of suicides (especially in this little island of Barbados) and so we may find ourselves wondering what situation could be so disappointing or depressingly hopeless that someone would consider taking their own life … yet no-one knows the path of another until he or she has walked in their (more often than not painfully tight) shoes. Continue reading Can you be a “Keeper”? 8 Timely Tips

Homeless People Weren’t Born Homeless … Seriously!

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Photo by Gale E

I was fortunate to read a powerful article on homeless people and how they are perceived by society.  It was called: “The homeless use the bathroom too … REALLY???” and the comments following the post were even more thought provoking.

It made me wonder.  A lot.  About perception and the ease with which we can look the other way.  The article gave me some interesting questions.  Like: when we see a homeless person in dirty clothing, knowing they have not bathed in a while or combed their hair, what thoughts go through our mind?  Do we think about where they are living, how they eat, where they go to relieve themselves? Do we pause to remember that a homeless male or female adult was once someone’s beautiful clean baby boy or baby girl?  Would we be brave enough to have a conversation with them to find out their story?

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