‘Off Season’ Muffins

Photo by Gale E

This is the season for super fitness


I’m participating in a corporate fitness challenge being hosted by a popular fitness and wellness center in Barbados. Not only am I participating, I was elected Team Captain … Lord have mercy!

Over the next six weeks, we are required to workout at the fitness center regularly (at least twice a day) to gain points; the team with the most points at the end of course wins the competition. No points however are awarded for our diet but it’s anticipated that to win well we will have to eat well.  All that being said, I’m merely asking for your support as these beautiful sprinkle-dusted muffins (which I make most weekends with the help of my dear friend Betty Crocker) are seriously ‘off season’ until the end of July. Pray for me …

Photo by Nathan Weithers
Photo by Nathan Weithers

My super delish muffins: sadly, off season


This is my second submission for the WordPress Photo Challenge: Off Season.  You can see my first submission here, as well as check out more ‘out of season’ photos by some awesome bloggers here.


You are not exercising for anyone else except you!

The Scorpion!
The Scorpion
"x" marks the spot (or round in this case)!
“x” marks the spot (or round in this case)

Last time I was at the gym I did a workout named the Scorpion.  I think it worked out to something like 4 x 4 x 3 but I’m not good at calculations so I just got out the cool chalk (bought specially for me by my trainer because of my bad memory) and marked everything off on the side of the barbel stand as I progressed slowly and surely.  It was torture but I felt sooooo good afterwards!  What a great stress buster after a hard day at work!

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