Because I’m Grateful for Another Year


Photo by Gale E | garden love
Photo by Gale E | Trinidad garden love

You are my everything

(a prayer of gratitude to God)

O Lord,

Were I to count the ways your love has worked in me,
There’d be no time to list them all, for each day you have been –

A gentle breeze that’s shaped my life.
A fragrance to enjoy.
A seed that’s born spring leaves and shoots
That makes my journey full.

Your words have helped me climb the peaks
And lit the valleys dark,
And always I have found the light
Of truth to guide my path.

You’ve given me the very gift
My heart was yearning for,
And blessed the work my hands have done
To make my offering more.

But more than this, as only you see
You’ve known my tears and smiles.
To walk so close to a loving friend
Is how I was designed.

And so I am so privileged
And inherit such a prize.
My heart is full of gratitude
And always open wide.

To drink in the beauty of each day
To run and dance and sing,
Because I live within your grace
You are my everything.



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Three Life Thoughts to Consider

Do not pray for easy lives quote


I happened across this touching post on the “Diary of a Wannabe Everything” entitled: “Life is Hard Sometimes and That’s OK“.

After reading the author’s moving words with tears in my eyes and in my heart, three thoughts immediately came to mind:

  1. Someone is always going through something harder than you are
  2. We’re all walking this road called life together
  3. Someone else’s story could just as easily be yours


So many of us have ‘stuff’ going on … serious stuff.  How do we get up and out of it?  Where is the light at the end of tunnel (who moved the light in the first place)?

As we face unexpected situations which often times are no fault of our own, I encourage you to stand firm even if your life seems inordinately hard and challenging right about now, and even though it looks as if there is just no hope no matter what you do.

Having survived divorce, down-sizing and the death of loved ones I can definitely confirm that we are not alone, even when it looks that way; God will give us the strength we need to see things through to the end because He is – and always will be – with us.

So hold on to life with all your might and remember: tough times never last and joy will be yours in the morning 🙂

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