Pssst! I have something to tell you!


Bench at Farley Hill, Barbados,
Photo by Gale E


I have something to tell you but you may need to sit down.

Ready? Here goes. Continue reading Pssst! I have something to tell you!

Thank God it’s Monday!

First it’s Friday and we’re looking forward to the weekend.  Then, before you know it, it’s Sunday night and Monday morning is staring right at once.  Everything looks grim and gloomy, and most of us find it hard to get out of bed far less go into the office.  Unfortunately this attitude is what we put in place to start off the week; our challenges and ‘bad news’ getting worse and worse as the week wears on. Continue reading Thank God it’s Monday!

Are you a Victim or a Conqueror?

Tips for living day by day

Do you believe that we can conquer our circumstances through prayer?  Well you should because it’s true!  If you can pray, then you can indeed be a conqueror!  Seriously!

The power of prayer should never be underestimated.  Why?  Because through our prayer requests God has been known to move the massive mountains which sometimes exist in our lives.

Jesus did not conquer death for us to be whimpy little victims – no, no, no!  He sacrificed Himself for us so we could go out and be conquerors ourselves – just as David did when he defeated Goliath (who was like ten times bigger and stronger … but wasn’t the big bad terrifying giant defeated anyway?)

So what do you need today?  Is it better health, sounder finances, a more loving spouse, a more understanding boss, more ‘me’ time?  It doesn’t matter what you are lacking because God will not only grant you increase but an abundance as well, so let’s get out that prayer list.

For starters, we can cover ourselves and our families day by day, by praying earnestly for some of the things shown on the list below (and remember, there is so much more than what is shown here).  You are however encouraged to make your own list and to lift yourself up as you pray, knowing that if it is God’s will He will grant whatever it is you are asking of Him.

  • Gratitude for blessings

  • Support

  • Health

  • Wealth

  • Comfort

  • Compassion – for others

  • Abundance

  • Increase

  • Love – for self and others

  • Add your own here!

Our God is a BIG God!  Furthermore, as our Father He is with us always, no matter what.  He truly wants us to be conquerors and not victims, so what will you be today?  The choice is yours.