How does the mind of a procrastinator work?

I have been checking out a few TED Talks lately and yes, they mostly cover serious topics but some are quite funny too.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing a few talks that I love most, so to start the ball rolling let’s take an important insider look at how the mind of a procrastinator really works (presented by Tim Urban) … because that pretty much covers most of us at one time or another 🙂


Let’s start a conversation:

  • Are you a procrastinator?
  • What have you been putting off recently?
  • What is really holding you back?
  • Looking into the past, what did you put off doing for so long that when you finally took action it almost took your life? 

Can’t wait to hear your stories!

Three Frogs and a Question


There are choices to be made, but I keep putting them off until later or whenever I feel like getting around to them.  I know this is not the best way and that something is going to come up and ‘bite’ me sooner or later but still … I procrastinate … willingly.

Thing is, life is not only about making decisions; that’s the easy part (well, most of the time anyway).  The hard part is the actual execution of the decision, especially if your success depends a lot on other people.   

While researching another topic I came across this cute fun take on decision-making and looking to the One who is most able to help you with the entire process.   God certainly has a sense of humour because He knows exactly what you need to hear when you need to hear it.  It’s like a nudge or if you’re taking too long a slap to the head so you can sit up and take notice.  And that’s why I’m passing this message on … in case you need to hear it too. 

Click here: The Story of Three Frogs

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