What’s on your menu today? Vegetables or steak?


Meals, love, hatred, Proverbs 15

Have you ever sat with someone you loved to have a meal? Even if the food wasn’t that great, you were ok and content, comfortable in the fact that life was good right? But let’s flip that around and think about having a meal with someone you did not like. This person may have been abrasive, judgemental and rude (a real back-stabber gossipy type even) but you had no choice but to sit and eat with them (think work, family or church related scenarios for example). Did you feel as though the food was going to make you ill? Did your intestines feel as though they were tied in knots? Did your stomach or chest ache? Did you wonder just what you would have to do to detox your body and mind from the meal when you got back home? Yup, I believe we’ve all been there and done that.

So all I’m going to do now is refer you to the wisdom of Proverbs while asking this one last question:

“What are you eating today and who are you sitting down to eat it with?”

When you are afflicted

Teenage girl praying outdoors at twilight. Shallow DOF.

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” Romans 12:12 (NIV)

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It is honestly hard sometimes to be joyful in hope, harder still to be patient during the rough times. Some days I want to give up. I am tired of trying and just want to hide out somewhere until the dust blows over … this never happens; the problem is always there waiting for me when I come out from hiding.  Continue reading When you are afflicted

5 Easy Ways to Pay Your Blessings Forward

Sharing the blessing of a beautiful rainbow seen from my patio
Blessed with a double rainbow | Photo by Gale E

Even if it doesn’t look that way, we are all blessed in one way or another. That’s why in this period of severe financial stressors, relationship upheavals and career constriction, now is the time to not only thank God for our blessings but to pay them forward, especially since Proverbs 11:25 tells us that “The generous will prosper; those that water others will themselves be watered.”

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