The real difference between “I” and “we”

I and We

“Courage means to keep working a relationship, to continue seeking solutions to difficult problems, and to stay focused during stressful periods.” Denis Waitley


What is your perspective?

Someone shared this photo on Facebook and admittedly it is funny.  But then, when you honestly think about the scenario and put it into perspective, the wife is right because the situation is not going to affect only “him” but more likely “them”. Continue reading The real difference between “I” and “we”

Pssst! I have something to tell you!


Bench at Farley Hill, Barbados,
Photo by Gale E


I have something to tell you but you may need to sit down.

Ready? Here goes. Continue reading Pssst! I have something to tell you!

Thank God it’s Monday!

First it’s Friday and we’re looking forward to the weekend.  Then, before you know it, it’s Sunday night and Monday morning is staring right at once.  Everything looks grim and gloomy, and most of us find it hard to get out of bed far less go into the office.  Unfortunately this attitude is what we put in place to start off the week; our challenges and ‘bad news’ getting worse and worse as the week wears on. Continue reading Thank God it’s Monday!