We Are Always Protected

His words killed me


When I was going through my divorce, my ex-husband never once got physical. Our arguments were very heated, accusatory and degrading. It was like going to war but without guns and bullets, these physical things replaced by shouted words and phrases which left deep dark holes in my heart and soul. Sometimes it took me days to recover and just when I thought it was going to be OK I was thrown back into the word-pit.

Maybe you cannot relate, but I want to encourage us today to be kind and gentle in our words and in our actions; we can all play our part no matter how small in making the world a better place 🙂

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Who are you really working for?

Let us reconsider our work and see if we can change our perspective.

If we agree that we are working for a greater purpose and a higher level “Executive” then maybe disappointing thoughts of being under-appreciated and under-paid may take a different slant. I try to adopt this as one of my daily survival strategies in an attempt to better manage and control my stress levels.  Honestly, some days it works but on others I definitely need to work much harder on my thought filter.

But what about you? Do you agree with this perspective? How do you control your disappointment after working hard day in and day out?

Something to think about.