Devotions To Go


Why me Lord?

In 2008 or thereabouts, I felt the need to share God’s word with others.  It was really just a verse or two with a very short note to a few friends to let them know that just as God had not forgotten me so had He not forgotten them.  I was trying to recover from divorce, cope with being a single parent and adapt to the news of my mother being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer; life was rough to say the least!

But I was sure that there were other women (and maybe men) who were struggling with some life changing situation as well, so ever so often I would send off a little burst of encouragement exactly as I received it from God bright and early on Monday mornings when we all seemed to be in that “Monday morning funk”.

Fast forward to today.  My experiences and God’s word reach many Caribbean islands, the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and Africa.  So many people have been touched by these ‘just-at-the-right-time’ messages that there is absolutely no doubt of God’s never ending grace and unconditional love for us as His precious children.


A shoulder to lean on

But this is not about me; it’s more about you!  For short but meaningful notes of encouragement based on personal experiences and the sharing of God’s perfect word, you are invited to subscribe to my “Happy Monday” devotion.  Never longer than one page, each message is sent as a pdf attachment to you via e-mail and offers just-in-time inspiration – especially on Mondays when we tend to need it most.

Prayer requests

Never underestimate the power of prayer, especially those offered up by the warriors currently on this e-mail listing.  If you are struggling with something in your life right now that has you overwhelmed and seems to big for you to handle, then let us pray for you by including your prayer request (names and personal details will be kept confidential at all  times).


From time to time I include notices (breakfast meetings, workshops and other upcoming church/community events) and personal announcements (services offered, jobs or help needed, vacancies available).  This is my way of giving back to my community and for this reason I am asking you to include your country so that your inbox is not overwhelmed with local news especially if you do not live in Barbados. You can of course choose to stay in touch with what’s happening (on our island anyway), by making the relevant notation in the comments box.

View our Words … and then sign up!

I have included some sample devotions so that you can get a ‘feel’ for the writing and hope that you will join me as we walk this life’s journey … together with God’s help and guidance.

Click on the titles below to access the pdf files.

Mar 19_What are you praying for | Apr 23_You are highly favoured | Apr 16_Our God is a big God | Dec 17_When words are not enough


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